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Veronese Sculpture Collection

In this category you will be able to find a wide variety of decorative figures, both for your home and for your business. There are many types and for all tastes and preferences and, in addition, made with the best materials.

What types of decorative figures are there?

  • Male bronze figures. The wide selection in this category ranges from nude and athletic bodies to men lying down or sitting down.
  • Female bronze figures. Naked women in different positions (lying down, sitting, doing yoga, etc).
  • Others. Although the body continues to be the main element in these works of art, you can also acquire mythological statues, of couples or the figure that represents the value of Justice, for example.

All the products in this category are made with the best materials on the market, since we want them to be durable over time and, furthermore, to be resistant to all kinds of knocks, falls and impacts. We would like to point out that we not only have them in bronze, since there are also resin figures.

How to choose the best bronze figures?

Giving you advice on how to choose the best figures is not something simple, as it depends on numerous factors.

The most relevant are your tastes and preferences, however, we recommend that you also take into account the decorative line of your home or business, since otherwise the aesthetic style will be broken.

Space is important, you also have to know where to place the statues of men. Resin figures as well. This is so, because without adequate space, the figure you buy will not look good on the chosen piece of furniture.

If you like the concept of beauty in all its breadth and, moreover, in a male or female body, any of the figures in this category will suit you for your home.

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Beautiful representation of a naked bodybuilder meditating. Made of cold-cast polyresin with a bronze patina that allows you to appreciate all the anatomical details. Measure: 13x11.50x7.50cm - Weight: 490g

Espectacular estatua de una mujer-ángel desnuda sentada con una ala desplegada y el brazo por encima de la cabeza. Hecha de poliresina (piedra sintetica) con un acabado perfecto en bronce. Medida: 24,50x11,50x18cm -...

Sculpture of a beautiful naked Angel-Man sitting curled up with his head down. Made of cold molded resin with a perfect bronze finish. Measure: 14x11x13cm - Weight: 750gr

Beautiful and discreet sculpture of a woman lying on her stomach, naked, showing a perfect back. Made of polyresin with a smooth, shiny bronze patina. Measure: 5x28x14cm - Weight: 335g

Magnificent sculpture of a naked muscular man, one knee resting on the ground. All anatomical details are appreciated. Made of polyresin with bronze finish. Measure: 14x6x14cm - Weight: 430g.

Naked runner in starting position. The statue is made of polyresin and the design emphasizes muscle mass in great detail. It is finished with a shiny bronze patina. Measure: 13.5x17x13cm - Weight: 470g

Statue of a naked man sitting on a pedestal thoughtfully looking at the ground. Figure made of cold-cast resin finished with a bronze patina. Measure: Measure: 20,5x9x6cm - Weight: 550g.

Beautiful sculpture of an angel sitting naked on a pedestal, head bowed down, one leg bent with one hand on the knee, the other on the foot. Sculpture cast in polyresin finished with a bronze patina that gives it...
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