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Yvonne Kao is the founder of the company, "Veronese Design" was introduced to the market in 1996 and became synonymous with high quality and exceptional value in the international gift and collectibles industries. It has a wide collection of nude male and female sculptures in different sizes and poses. The sculptures are made of artificial stone (resin) and finished with a bronze patina. Due to the weight and finish of the product, they look like real bronzes.

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€44.00 €59.00 -25%
Statue made of resin and finished with a bronze patina. Allegorical representation of Justice by a blindfolded woman, with a balance in one hand and a sword in the other. Due to the weight and finish of the product it...

€41.00 €55.00 -25%
Beautiful representation of a naked bodybuilder meditating. Made of cold-cast polyresin with a bronze patina that allows you to appreciate all the anatomical details. Measure: 13x11.50x7.50cm - Weight: 490g

€56.00 €75.00 -25%
Espectacular estatua de una mujer-ángel desnuda sentada con una ala desplegada y el brazo por encima de la cabeza. Hecha de poliresina (piedra sintetica) con un acabado perfecto en bronce. Medida: 24,50x11,50x18cm -...

€41.00 €55.00 -25%
Nice representation of a yogi woman in the cow pose. Figure made of resin with a bronze finish. Measure: 15x8x13cm - Weight: 275g

€41.00 €55.00 -25%
Pretty young woman with long hair sitting sideways with her legs extended, supported by one arm, the other raised above her head. Sculpture made of resin molded in cold and finished in bronze. Measure: 21x8x12cm -...

€56.00 €75.00 -25%
Sculpture of a beautiful naked Angel-Man sitting curled up with his head down. Made of cold molded resin with a perfect bronze finish. Measure: 14x11x13cm - Weight: 750gr

€47.00 €62.00 -25%
Special sculpture of a naked man, sitting on a platform, one leg stretched out, thoughtful. The detailed athletic body is made of polyresin finished with a shiny bronze patina. Measure: 15x15x8cm - Weight: 760g

€59.00 €79.00 -25%
Decent sculpture of a sportsman stretching his body, with one leg slightly bent, arms resting on a column. Made of high quality polyresin, finished with a bronze patina. Measure: 20x13x8cm - Weight: 1.03kg

€31.00 €41.00 -25%
Beautiful and discreet sculpture of a woman lying on her stomach, naked, showing a perfect back. Made of polyresin with a smooth, shiny bronze patina. Measure: 5x28x14cm - Weight: 335g

€37.00 €49.00 -25%
Beautiful naked body of a bodybuilder half erect, sitting on his heels, looking at the ground and with his hands on the head. Statue made of polyresin with a shiny, smooth bronze patina that perfectly emphasizes...

€32.00 €42.00 -25%
Perfect sculpture of a naked man resting lying down, one arm resting on his forehead and his legs crossed. Made of polyresin with bronze finish. Measure: 8x18x12cm - Weight: 430g
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